Presentation on Subsurface Utility Engineering Services


On the daily basis, utilities for homes and facilities are expected to work flawlessly. Few ask: what goes into the utility engineering and how it fits with all the construction and building projects that are happening all over the country? This presentation will introduce the attending participants on all aspects of the ASCE 38-02, the Standard Guide for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data, and explain how Subsurface Utility Information can best be utilized for design of the future construction projects.

The presentation will have a walkthrough the stages of a typical project and show how all these processes are best utilized to maximize its overall benefits. Also, some of the key technologies used during SUE investigations will be reviewed, including: Electromagnetic Cable Locate Equipment, Ground Penetrating Radar, 3D Underground Imaging, and Vacuum excavation technologies.

The cost benefits associated with utilizing SUE services will be shown using the University of Toronto Study. Several case studies will be discussed to show how SUE was utilized and the benefits that they experienced due to its use.

Finally we will wrap things up with a Questions and Answer session.

The presentation topics will include:

- Who is T2 Utility Engineers Inc ?
- What is UE?
- ASCE 380-2
- CSA S250
- TAC Guidelines
- Mapping Technologies
- Case Studies

About the Presenter:

Matt Bourgeois, C.Tech is the Branch Manager at T2ue and is responsible for SUE investigations across Canada. He has been working in the SUE industry for over 13 years and has extensive experience overseeing projects for various clients such as City of Toronto (Toronto Basement Flooding Programs), City of Barrie, Region of York, City of Hamilton, City of Winnipeg, City of Vaughan, Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - 6:00pm
Ajax Public Library - Main Branch
55 Harwood Avenue South
ajax, ON
Matt Bourgeois