Engineering your Retirement – It’s all about Planning

The PEO Lake Ontario Chapter and Mr. Albert Jakubowski P.Eng are pleased to present Mr. Jim Loveys CLU® CFP® EPC for an interactive evening titled “Engineering your Retirement – It’s all about Planning” 

You’re thinking about retiring. You might have a pension plan or an accumulated a nest egg. Maybe you’re a business owner wondering how to convert your business assets into retirement income? Are taxes going to be a concern? What will retirement look like? How long does your money have to last? Are you concerned about outliving your money? 

Whether you want to retire this year or in 10 years, you have questions! So, come out to Canlan Ice Sports for an open forum on Retirement Planning. This is your opportunity to ask questions, meet and network with some of your fellow Lake Ontario members and pick up strategies and ideas for your financial success. The event is expected to be 1 hour in length with a general Q&A session to follow. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 6:30pm
Canlan Ice Sports
1401 Phillip Murray Avenue
Oshawa, ON